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Poems 5
The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages And Poems From The New Dawn

Cross thy bridge my love and know the
leaves that fall for thee.
Beside the river, beneath the cool oak
Lie still, breathe the rivers cool dawn.
Share my bed of falling leaves.
Let your tears fall for me.
Cross your hands and feel the warmth,
of thy love for thee.
Look skywards with green blue eyes
Know this bridge of falling leaves.
Where my love for you awaits. (U)

Left with child and labour to bear.
With an never ending thought of me.
Fathers eyes, you cry once more,
with love in your heart for thee.
One thought that never ends, through
a time, that brings a new dawn.
Dark hair, just like your fathers,
you say with love.
Know my darling, the love of nature
has its reward.
For my never ending thought of you,
cries out for your true love. (T)

We had time to breathe a cool mountain
stream, to know sweet roses blooming.
To shelter under a row of poppies,
to know sweet calm in summer.
One year was full of happiness, to know
my pearl of spring.
No greater was your love, the day
your rose did bloom.
So clear was the stream, our love
was always on view.
To show once again my rose,
your heart is mind forever. (H)

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