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Poems 7
The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages and Poems From The New Dawn



To clear my soul, I need but a prayer


from you


I saw my life grow in a scented garden


with you by my side


Two children playing, with smiles of


another time


She sings to me of another


new dawn


My prayer awaits in our new dawn


for footsteps by the sea


For our scented garden knows,


cool waters of another time. (H)






I left behind the sweetest rose, in a pub


full of memories.

Every drink she pours warms my heart.


Every table she cleans, she sees my




She walks the bar after hours, for she


dreams of all the fun we shared.


The after hours drinking and the


laughter she brought to my heart.


She can see me now serving the few,


with a smile thats in her heart.


For she is my sweetest rose. (S)





Stand in the moonlight my love, stand


with your beauty so I may see.


Take my hand and feel the love, that


my moonlight brings.


Then know the days that are to come,


my nights of love with you.


Know your beauty was never so fair,


the night you melted my heart.


Stay a while in my moonlight dream.


Fear no more thy lonely nights.


Seek only another new dawn.


My love thats true to you. (G)





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