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Poems 4
The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages And poems From The New Dawn

Dead be the past of lost souls wanting.
The present be the soul of our new dawn.
For in grey eyes, is a blue one
For my wound is a fresh image, of my
dead past.
Alive to the joy, that brings us to
another new dawn.
Before the soul was faith, to know
the light of wanting.
To search in darkness of our dead past,
my present that comes to you. (F)

The fields of heaven await your love,
to injoy my hearts desire.
Night after night your poems of love,
reach deep inside my heart.
For you know my love that reaches out.
Forever calling above the stars, with
a heart that's forever yours.
Cry no more my flower, just smile and
know, my heart a waits for you.
Smile for me and forever know,
the Lords sweet promise.
Together, forever in heaven (K)

To know the church of our Ladys prayer,
where our hearts were one with god.
You showed me our church, on our very
first date.
For you knew the winding path of our
Lord, that leads to our new dawn.
Summer morns of sorrow, for thy knew
of his sweet promise.
Birds sing along our path, of a time
you made me yours.
Homeward bound, our dove of peace,
for it knows our ladys prayer. (D)

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