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Page 9
The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages And poems From The New Dawn


Rest and sleep my love to know my

every dream.

For I watch over you to keep you

safe, for I know your love is true

My heart is warm for I know your

soul, is the Lords to keep

Each prayer you send saves a soul,

for you know my heart awaits.

Together we wait for the Lords

sweet promise.

So rest and sleep my love, to know

          my heart awaits.    (K)



Dig deep my love to know, that every dream

is my love I send to you.

I cry out each night for you to hear, my

message of love for thee.

For I know your heart so well.

I remember the times, you give all your

love to me.

You would rush home from work, for you

Knew I needed your love.

You would go out of your way, to do all

the little things, just to see me smile.

         My smile I save for thee.    (S)



Sit with me in our garden of love, watch

every rose that sends my love.

See the sun flowers open up and know

its every word I feel for you.

Watch the fish come up for air and know

its me, just wanting to see your smile.

Walk between the beds of flowers, see

the love that blooms for thee.

Touch the grass and feel my fingers,

touching out for love.

Then know my darling, that our garden

        awaits your velvet touch.   (S)

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