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Poems 12

The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages And Poems From The New Dawn

Where the river ends, my love awaits.
The river of time, so long in your
The banks that forever stand so proud,
follow the river down to the sea.
See the ships come home to rest.
Calm is the sea for those who see.
Wonder along the rivers edge,
pass the echoing screams of love.
See the wonder and joy, that leads
to the light.
That brings you home to me. (A)

A poets world is full of nothings, that lead
to a world of joy.
Composed to bare, their love sends a
message of time.
To live again sweet nothings, of a calm
mountain blue.
Their verse of wonder, always leads
down a path of age.
Their desires tossed about, in a
luminous view.
For their faith cries the thrill of life,
to know a poets song. (S)


You brought to me, from the bottom of

your heart, a feeling of wanted love.

I never looked back, from the day you

came into my heart.

You touched my heart, with a feeling

of wanted love.

You give to me my aim in life, to

 know the sweet Lord’s promise.

Wanted love with so much faith, that

sent my soul to heaven.

From the bottom of my heart, I am

          so in love with you.    (D)

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