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Poems 11

The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages & Poems From The New Dawn


I used to wonder what you seen in me

my love.

I would sit on my own just wondering

why, the love you give to me.

I seen this beautiful girl and every time

she looked at me, my heart was one

with heaven.

For you were my heaven, in my

beautiful world.

For I sat alone to hear your heart,

to wonder no more.

       Your heart that was heaven sent.    (G)




I know you write to the wee small hours.

 Night after night with your love to send.

Every poem you write you close your

eyes, to sent your love to me.

Every loving word, you ask the Lord to

send your love to me.

Know my sam I read every word, for

he sends it to me in the wee small hours.

For night after night, I sit up with you.

I hold your hand with every stroke of

your pen, that writes your words of love.

         My poet of the wee small hours.    (V)



No one could take your place my love,

for my love for you calls out from

my heart of wanting.

For once a love like yours enters

the heart, it stays forever in one.

It writes your name in the stars

above, forever knowing true love.

Its cries can be heard, on new

 planets born.

Its feelings can be felt in the touch

of a rose.

          My heart that belongs to you.     (H)

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