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Poems 3
The Power of The New Dawn
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Messages and Poems from the New Dawn

Snow covered mountains, wrap a cloak of
warmth around thy love.
A blue sea wave, surrounds the love you
save for me.
Hard rain shows up in the rainbow, beneath
the Irish sea.
The nights send your love to me, with the
passion of the star of the sea.
The castle fields sing of many hearts,
that passed this way.
For you know off no other tale of love,
than the love you save for thee (O)

Hold my hand dear Flower and know.
That I'm never far from your thoughts.
Draw another picture of me, with the
beauty thats in your heart.
See the colour of our rose.
Draw the East end full of colour,
like a circus that has come to town.
Paint the Bridge that hides our house.
See the destruction the war left behind.
Picture it for me my love.
Draw every detail, with all your love.
To our house that a waits your dream. (G)

Night and day life goes on, to know your
brother of wanting.
To know sweet calm you search the stars,
by a moonlit sea.
You keep the world away, for one moment
of madness.
Your tears long to turn a tide, to wash
away your sorrows.
Know my sister by the sea I stand, to
to wash away your sorrows
For the new dawn holds back the tide.
Forgiveness for every lost soul. (G)

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