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Omagh Angels

Omagh Angels


We were strong my father, for we had faith

to vote for peace.

For we knew of the Lords sweet promise.

Know sweet mother, of better times that

grows in the hearts of many.

Every star will show you the way, to a

place of many hearts.

Cross over tonight, with the star of


Sleep with the angels that light your path,

to the sweetest new dawn.

For my heart is with you both.




We suffer the pain of the few, to comfort

the hearts of many.

For we cross over bridges, to build for

another new dawn.

We cover our hearts in a blanket of fear,

to suffer the pain of the few.

Know the few that Omagh angels, come

with the wrath of the Lord.

We come to build for another new dawn,

to comfort the souls of wanting.

For the Lord has taken our blanket of

fear, to show in the hearts of the few.




Pipe me aboard one more time my love,

follow me through this angel heaven.

Know your heartache I bring with me,

Its for ever knowing, I left a heart so


Know my love is waiting by the band-

stand, its longing for another time, to

hear your music of love.

Angels wait to hear you play, my song

that seen your love.

For by a bandstand love was found,

that knows sweet joy in summer.


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