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Omagh Angels
Poems 10

Omagh Angels



I shine a light so you may see, a heart so pour

and gentle.

Crossing over a flower of a scented rose, to

see your every dream.

I open my eyes to see that smile, for ever

eternal to me.

Every petal I touch, I feel the warmth you

have for me.

Each flower so scented, with your sweet


Now I close my eyes for a scented rose,

For she has my eternal love.


Silently it flows to the waters edge, reaching

out to a new tomorrow.

The trees speak in silent whisper, shedding

its leaves for another new dawn.

Fish swim towards its shadow, forever

looking for there pond to rest.

Canal boats know this river so well, for

the faith they have in its flow.

Dead barks of trees come, with birds

Singing on high, to find the rivers end.

For my faith knows its resting place, is

Silently waiting your love.

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