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Omagh Angels
About Me

This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

Born in Belfast Northern Ireland in 1953, Father Scottish, Mother Irish. Came to London in the late sixties, married a beautiful English girl called Jenny, she give me four wonderful children. Tony 24, Maria 22, Crystal 18 And Joseph 3. I was in my forties when I started to write poetry for fun, but after one year I soon realized, most of my poems were of a spiritual nature. It was then I started to put names to my poems and Messages, and the poem would just come to me. The spirits have told me of the New Dawn through my poems. A place of comfort and joy for all lost souls. The name at the top of the poem, is the person to who the poem is from, and the initial on the bottom right, is the person it is too.

At the moment I just love to write,
poems mostly, then short stories,
then words of wisdom
Favourite football team,
Glasgow Celtic
Went to an rc school in Belfast,
Northern Ireland, At that time I
was in to sports all kinds, but
mostly Football.

favourite movies Titanic,
and Where Eagles Dare
favourite music:
Country and Western,
The Beetles