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Omagh Angels

Omagh Angels


I reached out my hand to save a soul, a

stranger with a heart of gold.

Her eyes so green, her smile so warm,

no more than 15 I thought.

Our hands touched with loving smiles.

Then I knew, it was my soul she had

come to save.

Come with me to walk this land, show

me the wisdom thats in your heart.

Show the sweet Lord his faith in you.

Her eyes so green, her smile so warm,

for a stranger she came to save.



I send all my loving prayers, for another

poem in time.

Know my loving Mother, very prayer

you send, sends a loving kiss.

One that brings the warmth of a million


Know that every candle you light for

me, saves another lost soul.

For I know your heart so well sweet

Mother of mine, for it writes another

poem in time, it calls out to every

angel, with the love you save for me.



You will never have far to come, for my

love is with you both.

You will both find comfort in every

star, that holds your dreams.

Look after your father my angel, come

to know his heart of sadness.

For you are the strong one, forever

knowing the Lords sweet promise.

Let him know that roses grow, in

the new dawn of wanting.

Were my love awaits his smile, that

warmed my heart in winter.

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