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Omagh Angels
Poem 7

Omagh Angels


I am a child of tomorrow, for I will always

return to save lost souls.

I will search every star that tomorrow


I will teach every lost soul, that the Lord

will keep his promise.

I will wonder through this land of ours,

bringing the word of the Lord.

For I hear every cry that reaches out,

to a lost soul of wanting.

Crying out on their pillow of tears,

for another child of tomorrow.



Know tonight I come to you and know

your dreams I share with you.

Find wine will come of age, with every

passing of tomorrow.

New vines will grow with every new sun.

Angels will sing the word of our Lord,

to every lost soul of wanting.

For they know a loved ones heart, that

cries in the night.

They feel every cry of a prayer in the


For they share your every dream.



Just a phone call to let you know, that a

one day trip, is shorter than writing this

poem from my heart.

Put no blame on thy person, for thy

person speaks from the heart.

For the angels sleep beside lost souls,

for they know of a time to come.

Separation is only a short time in space.

For the tears of a loved one, will always

find there pond to rest.

For their pillow of tears show up, for

another poem in time.

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