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Poems 1
American Lost Souls September 11th

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The New dawn messages and Poems

Francis Gragan
One photo of me, that shines in your eyes.
It keeps you going to know again.
You will walk with me hand in hand, to
Know of another new dawn.
I will await your sunshine and the Love
you save.
I will come to you to give you strength,
to know the way of the Lord.
I will see you through to know again,
my love I lift with thee.
For in your eyes you will see, my photo
that awaits your love.

Howard Selwyn
I am with you every step of the way my
Love, that knows my heart.
For I want you to know of my journey
of love.
For I crossed over, knowing the sweet
Lords promise.
I show the way to all lost souls, the
promise he made to us.
I bring the joy of lost souls wanting,
the prayer of our sweet Lord.
For I want you to know, I make this
journey, for I know my lovers heart.

James Raux
Family of mind, search no more thy blooded
Fields, then know my soul was saved.
Search for a flower that cross's over, that
knows are magic love.
Let me see my heart spread love, my family
that walks with me.
Show your love so I may see, a rose in
every one.
Search for wanted love, then know my
Magic still lives.
Then know sweet family of mind, that my
Search for love is over.

Jason Dahi
Fly with me across are land, that knows
our every dream.
See the fields that turn ever green, my
feelings I share with you.
See the horses gallop, to a time of
ever lasting.
Watch the trees whisper, I love you,
my ever growing flower.
Wonderful things, you can almost
touch, when flying.
Touch down with me and know, my
heart that flys to your dream.
Jeffrey Coombs
Come to know my every dream, as a
boy I had no doubts.
Time stood still for me, as I played
a childhood dream.
Seas would calm, as I approached
the waters edge.
For the lord I dreamed I was,
in that I had no doubt.
Birds would hear my every word,
to spread my word of love.
For now I have no doubts, he
heard my every word.

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