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Poems 4
American Lost Souls September 11th

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The New Dawn, Messages and Poems

Juliana McCourt
Mountains that cry hear my voice,
safely guide me through.
Far far from here, my heart is lift
in pain.
He cries the pain of never knowing,
the lords sweet promise.
All alone with pictures, crying into
the night.
Hear my voice my other half, safely
guide me through.
Give him the strength and joy, that
my heart awaits his love.

Kanneth Waldie
My loved one to sleep my sleep, to
awake beside thy light.
Never more to awake in nightmare,
dreams of heartache.
Prophets of doom, know thy prayer
that awakes.
The truth of the light that comes,
the hunters of prophets gain.
Rich painted faces of doom, know
I never sleep.
For when you sleep my sleep, you
awake beside the Lord.

Kieran Gorman
I lift behind a rose that blooms, for she
knows my every dream.
Every night she talks to me, of a new
For her heart will go on, to know the
Lords sweet promise.
She will know again, that roses
bloom in summer.
She will know in her heart, that I
She will see me every night, await her
every dream.

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