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Spiritual lost souls

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Sit with me in our garden of love, watch

every rose that sends my love.

See the sun flowers open up and know

it’s every word I feel for you.

                      Watch the fish come up for air and know

it’s me, just wanting to see your smile.

Walk between the beds of flowers, see

the love that blooms for thee.

Touch the grass and feel my fingers,

touching out for love.

Then know my darling, that our garden

        awaits your velvet touch.   (S)



I cry out each night for you to hear, my

message of love for thee

Dig deep my love to know, that your every

                   dream is yourlove you send to me

For I know your heart so well.

I remember the times, you give all your

love to me.

You would rush home from work, for you

Knew I needed your love.

You would go out of your way, to do all

the little things, just to see me smile.

         My smile I save for thee.    (S)



Our dream was a holiday just for two,

on a beach with golden sand.

For we never did get that chance, our

dream holiday.

You would often say my love, one day.

Know my love our day is coming.

Our dream is real my love, for I

await on a golden beach.

Where my love for you awaits your


For my love for you is tanning itself,

         to match your golden hair.    (T)



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