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Poems 5
American lost souls september 11th
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Messages & Poems From The New Dawn



Martin Coghlan

I am with you all, that need my love

for the Lord is with me now.

He shows me love, so I may see the


He holds my hand for he is the light,

And our saviour.

I can see my love ones that cry in

the night.

For they need his love, in this hour

of darkness.

Walk with me into the light, show

The Lord your strength.



Renee May

To the end my love, for are secret is

no more.

For my soul was pure in loving you,

my union I had with God.

Your life in god will always be

strong of heart.

For you see the good in everyone,

for your faith is ever so strong.

You see a time, when are secret

hides no more.

In your heart the new dawn awaits,

my love that never ends.



Robert Speisman

Even to the last I wondered, what fate

had in store for me.

I had myself down as a savour, for my

world was ever so false.

Now I have seen whats in store for me

as I stood before the light.

Now I wonder no more, for lost souls

I have come to save.

False no more in dreams, my fate is

ever so real.

My love I shall spread, for the Lord

is by my side.



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